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Sell your Laptop / Desktop

Looking to sell your laptop or desktop securely?

​Pop in store with your old laptop or PC and we will get back to you with a value evaluation. You can then put this value towards a new or refurbished desktop/laptop or paid in cash straight to your hand.

All machines that we purchase go through a secure data destruction process, compliant with government security standards.

You'll need to leave your machine with us for a few hours or a day at most, so we can test the hardware to make sure its working as you describe.
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We buy laptops for cash

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you buy non-working laptops?

Just because your laptop doesn't work, it doesn't mean it has no value. Call us with details or pop in to the shop with your Laptop for an evaluation.

Do you buy gaming PC's

We do buy gaming and other custom PC's. Value will depend on age and we need your PC for at least 24 hours for testing.

Do you buy old printers?

Unfortunately we are unable to buy old printers. We do offer a disposal service for a small fee if you want it taken off your hands.
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