THE DIGITAL ERA – Who is managing your digital strategy?

August 28, 2020
Steve Atkins

Digital Transformation for business

Ok. Your network is maybe lounging around in the dark ages? Is the hastily cobbled together solution to get your team working from home during Covid a bit frail? You need Digital Transformation so what do you do next?

In the old days (not so long ago really) it was quite straight forward. You needed your PC’s with Office Software, a Network Server or two which would handle your files, Email & applications, a way of backing it all up if the worst happened. A smattering of Anti-Virus and maybe a Firewall to keep unwanted pests at the door! This model was used by pretty much all IT companies and as such, when it came to getting a quote to upgrade, replace or support your network, it was very easy to compare apples for apples.

The New IT Model - Digital Transformation

The model, though, has obviously been changing quite rapidly over the past few years. More so in these past months with circumstances, digital technology and the threat landscape forcing change. The options now available are so vast and different to each other in many ways that it has made it very difficult for you, the business owner, to compare offerings. Do you know that what you are getting is the right solution for your business?

There is also the additional worry of how your network and confidential data is secured. With multiple access options and “Working from Home” becoming common place, how do you ensure that your data and business is protected, both from external AND internal threats? The sheer volume and choice of security vendors and their offerings is mind boggling to say the least! It is a conundrum that is for sure and a real tricky one not just for you but also for many traditional IT businesses. They are dancing the line and flipping a coin between public and Private Cloud, On premise traditional solutions and a hybrid of maybe two or all of these options and how all this affects their business model.

So what do I do about it?

“Do not fear! Fortunately there are some great IT Companies around that have successfully transitioned from the Traditional to a Digital Model. They can provide the multiple options to help find the best fit for your business. These companies have already gone through the pain of changing their business models. They understand that IT is no longer “one size fits all” so as a client you are home and dry…”

There are also a growing number of independent consultancies or Fractional CTO’s. Trusted advisors who recognise the difficulty business owners are facing when selecting the IT partners and solutions on offer. Helping to understand and roadmap what you require to achieve your goals. Then working with you to make these a reality.

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So, the big question, who will be guiding you and your business in the transition to the Digital Era?

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