Power sockets are easily broken normally caused by knocking the power adaptor whilst the laptop is plugged in or using the laptop on a soft surface such as a bed.

TDR computers stock the most of the popular DC Jacks for laptops. This allows us to quickly repair your laptop saving you inconvenience of being without your notebook for long periods Whilst we wait for parts. There are times when We do not have the DC socket on the shelf so normally your part would typically arrive within two working days. All repairs are completed in our workshop in Maldon and are not sent elsewhere.

Replacing your power socket is a specialist repair and requires the complete strip down of the laptop to component level. TDR Computers are very experienced at this task having completed over 400 replacement socket repairs so your laptop is in very good hands.

Typically replacement sockets Cost around £70 to have replaced, whilst some newer Dell laptops are around £80 including VAT. Some Toshiba laptops are cheaper an around £60. An exact price will be given prior to any work taking place

Laptop/ Netbook Socket Replacement By TDR Computers, 01621 840844

Broken the power socket on your laptop or netbook?

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TDR Computers offer a computer repair service in your home or work place. Call us now on 01621 840844 for more information and to book an appointment. Repair charges start from just £39.99.

Price List


Screen Replacement From £69.99

Socket Replacement From £59.99

Keyboard Replacement From £39.99

RAM Upgrade From £19.99

Hard Drive Replacement From £89.99

Power Supply Replacement From £19.99

Desktop PCs

Hard Drive Upgrade From £99.99

Wireless Upgrade From £29.99

RAM Upgrade From £19.99

Graphics Card Upgrade From £49.99


Software Upgrades From £29.99

Software Repair From £29.99

Data Recovery From £29.99

Virus Removal From £39.99

Health Check From £49.99

Windows Reinstall From £59.99

Document Backup From £39.99

On-Site Service from £39.99 p/h

If you have any problem not specified here, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote.

Build PC's to your specifiation at TDR Computers 01621 840844
DC Socket Replacement At TDR Computers - 01621 840844

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