All computers use RAM memory ( Random access memory). If your laptop or desktop is an older Model, your computer has not been maintained or you are using a heavy processing Program such as Photoshop then a RAM upgrade may be a way of breathing new life into your laptop. Adding Ram Will transform your computer.

From the moment you switch on your system the difference will be apparent from start up time to the normal day to day working, the change in performance will be instantly noticeable. Because your PC is not using your hard drive as the RAM it craves and as RAM works quicker, the whole PC will go along quicker and without the constant chatter of the hard drive.

Different types of RAM are available dependant on type, age, architecture and style of laptop or desktop PC. Memory for your PC or laptop computer starts from only £19.99 fitted.

TDR Computers can normally fit memory whilst you wait, subject to space on the bench and by prior arrangement. Most popular sizes and types of RAM from 512MB to 4GB are always in stock from major manufacturers Such as Kingston, Geil, Team and OCZ. Larger sizes and gaming RAM is normally available next working day.

Computer running slowly? Upgrade the RAM for an instant performance gain

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TDR Computers offer a computer repair service in your home or work place. Call us now on 01621 840844 for more information and to book an appointment. Repair charges start from just £39.99.

Price List


Screen Replacement From £69.99

Socket Replacement From £59.99

Keyboard Replacement From £39.99

RAM Upgrade From £19.99

Hard Drive Replacement From £89.99

Power Supply Replacement From £19.99

Desktop PCs

Hard Drive Upgrade From £99.99

Wireless Upgrade From £29.99

RAM Upgrade From £19.99

Graphics Card Upgrade From £49.99


Software Upgrades From £29.99

Software Repair From £29.99

Data Recovery From £29.99

Virus Removal From £39.99

Health Check From £49.99

Windows Reinstall From £59.99

Document Backup From £39.99

On-Site Service from £39.99 p/h

If you have any problem not specified here, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote.

Build PC's to your specifiation at TDR Computers 01621 840844
RAM Upgrades at TDR Computers 01621 840844
RAM Upgrades at TDR Computers 01621 840844

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