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PC Computer & Laptop Health Checks

Is your computer running slow? Can you make a cup of tea whilst your PC is starting up? Does your PC keep crashing every time its turned on? Does it look like all your files and programs have disappeared. Is there a message on your screen telling you that your computer has hundreds of infections? Can your computer not find the hard drive? Don't despair! Now is the time to have your computer repaired by the local experts. Just bring your computer or laptop to us for a serious check up.


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Computer running slow? Think It Needs A boost? Bring It In For A Health-check Only £49.99

TDR Computers, PC Computer & Laptop Healthchecks, 01621 840844

What We Do For Your PC Or Laptop....

If your PC is running slow, now may be a good time to bring it in for a Health-check. TDR Computers will thoroughly clean your computer rather than just tell you what is wrong with it! Whilst we are repairing your PC or laptop, all viruses will be removed, Spyware and Adware will be uninstalled. Rogue Anti virus programs and keystroke programs will be eradicated. Trojan horses and Trojan droppers will be neutralised. All Microsoft Windows service packs and updates will be installed and the latest stable drivers will be installed.

TDR Computers, PC Computer & Laptop Healthchecks, 01621 840844

A Good Anti Virus Will Always Repay It’s Cost

Most people under estimate the need for a good anti virus product. TDR Computers offer fantastic products from Bullguard and Norton to keep you safe whilst you are online. If you are not sure which product is for you, all the major manufacturers offer a trial of at least 30 days for you to experience the protection first hand. Anti Virus products start from just £19.99 for a years protection, please ask in store for more details on these products

TDR Computers, PC Computer & Laptop Healthchecks, 01621 840844

How Long Does It Take?

Typically health checks take between 1 and 3 days, dependent on how many user accounts you have and how bad the infections are. TDR Computers recommend that you back up all your important documents and data before we service your PC. If you cannot do this then please tell us before we commence work. For a small charge your data will be securely backed up or you can purchase a backup drive in-store. TDR Computers cannot be held responsible for any data loss however this may occur.

TDR Computers, PC Computer & Laptop Healthchecks, 01621 840844

Are you experiencing any of the following problems?

  1. Is your computer running slowly?

  2. Making strange noises?

  3. Cannot connect to the internet

  4. Saying it has a virus?

  5. General computer repair needed?

  6. Wireless computer networking?

  7. Need a RAM upgrade?

  8. Needs software or drivers?

  9. Laptop overheating or turning off?

  10. Laptop DC power jack repair needed?

  11. PC or laptop won’t turn on?

  12. Laptop needs more memory?

  13. PC or laptop running slowly?

  14. Laptop needs an upgrade?

  15. PC/ laptop software installation?

  16. LCD/LED screen damage?

  17. Keyboard damage?

  18. Want to upgrade the hard drive?

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