Are you having problems with your desktop computer? Can you not turn the power on? Are you having trouble accessing the internet? Is your wireless connection not working? Can you not see any videos or text? Is your sound not working?

Is your computer locking up and/or freezing? Is your computer rebooting on its own and you can’t do anything about it? Is your DVD drive not working? Is your USB, keyboard, modem, or network working? If you’re suffering from these problems, bring your desktop to TDR Computers, and we’ll solve your problems with our quick, reliable, cost effective PC repair service.

TDR Computers use the latest diagnostic equipment and software to pinpoint the hardware problem with your desktop PC. Our repair service will identify physical problems with motherboards, Hard Drives, RAM, Graphic Cards, Hard Drives and all other components.

All repairs to desktop computers are carried out in our Maldon store and we keep you informed of the current cost of the parts and labour so you don’t receive any nasty shocks when the PC repair is completed.

Desktop PC Computer Repairs

TDR Computers offer a computer repair service in your home or work place. Call us now on 01621 840844 for more information and to book an appointment. Repair charges start from just £39.99.

Price List


Screen Replacement From £69.99

Socket Replacement From £59.99

Keyboard Replacement From £39.99

RAM Upgrade From £19.99

Hard Drive Replacement From £89.99

Power Supply Replacement From £19.99

Desktop PCs

Hard Drive Upgrade From £99.99

Wireless Upgrade From £29.99

RAM Upgrade From £19.99

Graphics Card Upgrade From £49.99


Software Upgrades From £29.99

Software Repair From £29.99

Data Recovery From £29.99

Virus Removal From £39.99

Health Check From £49.99

Windows Reinstall From £59.99

Document Backup From £39.99

On-Site Service from £39.99 p/h

If you have any problem not specified here, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote.

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TDR Computers Specialist PC, Laptop & Computer Repairer - 01621 840844

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