If you require your Desktop or Laptop to be wiped, TDR Computers will backup all your documents, wipe the Hard Drive, reinstall any software supplied to us (subject to licenses) e.g. Microsoft Office and restore all your documents.

This service has a fixed cost of £59.99. This is a repair service only offered at our premises due to the time scale involved.

This will dramatically speed up your system and give you the opportunity to cull the amount of pointless programs you have on your system

Once the operating system and relevant software is re-installed, TDR Computers will make sure that all updates and latest drivers are installed. This is to make sure that your system is as stable as possible and maximum performance is achieved.

TDR Computers will also re install Adobe Reader, Flash Player, i-Tunes, Microsoft Works, Nero 10 DVD Authoring software and a suitable anti virus.

Typically this repair to your PC or laptop takes 1 to 2 days

Upgrade windows, or reinstall to repair your system

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TDR Computers offer a computer repair service in your home or work place. Call us now on 01621 840844 for more information and to book an appointment. Repair charges start from just £39.99.

Price List


Screen Replacement From £69.99

Socket Replacement From £59.99

Keyboard Replacement From £39.99

RAM Upgrade From £19.99

Hard Drive Replacement From £89.99

Power Supply Replacement From £19.99

Desktop PCs

Hard Drive Upgrade From £99.99

Wireless Upgrade From £29.99

RAM Upgrade From £19.99

Graphics Card Upgrade From £49.99


Software Upgrades From £29.99

Software Repair From £29.99

Data Recovery From £29.99

Virus Removal From £39.99

Health Check From £49.99

Windows Reinstall From £59.99

Document Backup From £39.99

On-Site Service from £39.99 p/h

If you have any problem not specified here, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote.

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